My Final Assessment

I presented my Genius Hour project today and I’m very happy and proud to say that I think it went very well. My main goal for my presentation was to not bore the audience and from the feedback I’ve gotton from my classmates and friends I think I’ve succeeded in that. Many people said that […]

Week 12 – Wrapping up

This is going to be my last week of working on my genius hour. So for this week I will be working on my final presentation that I’m going to be presenting next week! I am super excited to show you guys the podium and my #1 country’s national dessert. As well as sharing all […]

Contacting an expert #2

I still haven’t gotton a reply from kwoowk even after sending him messages on both of his accounts. Then I also sent him an email and there’s still no reply. I have found another expert, Hajar Larbah, her page really captured my attention so I decided to send her a message but it has been […]

Week 9 – Banoffee pie (UK)

For this week, I made Banoffee pie from the UK! Banoffee pie consists of a biscuit base, thick caramel sauce, bananas, and it’s topped off with whipping cream and a brush of chocolate. Here’s was the process: I actually really enjoyed making this and putting all the layers together to make this delicious Banoffee pie. […]

Week 8 – Crème brûlée (France)

This week I made Crème brûlée from France. Crème brûlée is essentially a thick custard base covered in a thick layer of caramelised sugar that has hardened. I followed this recipe: This was the process: Baking with water was a new method I haven’t tried before, and I found it pretty good. Broiling the […]

Week 7 – Brigadeiro (Brazil)

For this week, I’m made Brigadeiros, which are known to be Brazil’s national dessert! Brigadeiros are bite-size chocolate sweet made with only condensed milk, butter, and cocoa powder. This was the process: I wouldn’t exactly call this a success because they were almost completely different from looking like the way their supposed to look. I […]

Week 6 – Nanaimo bars (Canada)

This week I’m making Nanaimo bars from Canada using Tasty’s recipe: Nanaimo bars require no baking and consists of three layers: a base made of wafer, nuts, and coconut; a middle layer of custard icing; and a top layer of chocolate ganache. This is the process. Bottom layer: Middle layer: Top layer: I have […]

Contacting my Expert

It is definitely time to contact my expert since the end of this project is coming up very soon. As I have said before, I got the idea of rating country’s national desserts from a YouTuber called KWOOK, and who better to ask other than the real expert at these challenges. This is the message […]